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Attention Canadians – Depositing Funds is Easier Then You Think Added: April 28, 2015

Recently the Ottawa Business Journal came out with a little story that turns out to be very helpful when it comes to advising Canadians about how to open up an online casino account. Of course, there are a lot of options for Canadians to use, and the certainly include those online gaming operations that are sanctioned and licensed by the various provincial governments. They also include those operations that are NOT, and which operate offshore, often making available some more attractive options.

Quebec May Start to Block Offshore Gambling Sites Added: April 13, 2015

Certainly those gambling interests in Canada that are government-backed or government-regulated were going to get to the point where they took some sort of action against gambling operators from outside the country who were able to attract business from their citizens. We are not saying that time has already come, but we can tell you that it has been proposed.

Canada - Alberta Entertaining Bids for Online Gambling Contract Added: March 25, 2015

As part of a special analysis by the CBC news site, an examination has been conducted as to whether online gambling really makes sense from a financial standpoint.

Canada -- More Tourists Looking Toward Las Vegas Added: March 21, 2015

How much do Canadians love to gamble? Well, they certainly don't mind traveling to do it. That is the result of some recent information that was brought forth by destination-related websites such as

Canada - NDP Demands Judicial Inquiry in PEI Debacle Added: March 3, 2015

Mike Redmond, the leader of the NDP, has seen and read quite enough about the scandal that has enveloped Prince Edward Island and its efforts to establish itself as a major center of online gambling activity. And he would like a judicial inquiry, covering not just that but a wide range of potential corruption in the province.

NHL Remains Firm on C-290 Stance Added: February 23, 2015

If you recall, a few weeks ago we talked about the letter that Brian Masse, an MP from Windsor, wrote to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, urging him to change his stance about Bill C-290, which would legalize single-event sports betting in Canada. This letter went on the attack, citing the NHL's involvement in a marketing partnership with Draft Kings, which is a one-day fantasy sports site, as well as its consideration of Las Vegas as a potential expansion city, as evidence that it will cuddle up with sports gambling interests when it is convenient. And Masse called the league "hypocritical" in its approach.

Borgata-Atlantic City Tries Skill-Based Gambling Event Added: February 16, 2015

The casinos in Atlantic City are suffering, and badly. So as part of a new overall initiative, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has approved a new way of doing things that will result in one of the more unusual gaming events of the year. And maybe it is something for which Canadian gaming regulators, as well as legislators, will sit up and take notice.

Canadian-Based Fantasy Site Had "Super" Ideas Added: February 9, 2015

Montreal native Mark Tadros is not just another guy who is looking to capitalize on the daily fantasy sports trend. But unlike his competitors, he wasn't looking to go in the familiar direction when it came to advertising his site, He set his sights on something big - in fact, about as big as it can possibly get.

Super Bowl Action Arouses More Talk of C-290 Added: February 2, 2015

With the Super Bowl being played, it has once again served as grist for the mill when it comes to the subject of sports betting in Canada, and the restrictions that have been placed on the industry. Those who are wishing and hoping for Bill C-290 to be voted on sometimes soon are using one of the world's biggest betting events to make their case that the country needs legislation that would allow for single-event wagering, as a way of bolstering the government-supported operations that aspire to offer gaming product to the public.

Amaya Adds Some Political Muscle to Team Added: January 26, 2015

When you are doing business on a huge scale, especially in the gaming business, politics is always going to be a big part of the formula. Amaya Gaming realizes this now, more than ever. And that is part of the rationale involved in giving Chris Lewis, the former Ontario police commissioner, a seat on the board of directors, as it is critical to deal with the legal and political hurdles in this massive gaming venture.