Best Canada Casinos Online - July 2014 News Archive

This section lists news stories added here to Best Canada Casinos Online on July 2014.

BestCanadaCasinosOnline - News Archive - July / 2014

Canada - Matchbook Leaves; Will More Depart the Market? Added: July 28, 2014

Whenever a company, operator or brand which has been servicing a particular geographic market pulls out from that market, customers are going to asking a lot of questions and speculating as to the reasons. Such is the case with, which has sent letters out to all of its Canadian patrons that it simply cannot accept their business any longer.

Negranu Scratches Head Over One-Drop Winner's Reaction Added: July 21, 2014

There are very few tournaments in all of American sports that are more exclusive than the Big One for One Drop, which requires all players to post a $1 million buy-in. As you can imagine, the first prize for such an event is going to be astronomical. And the 2014 event certainly produced just that.

It Could Be Boom or Bust for Amaya Gaming Added: July 14, 2014

With almost 6700 entries for the World Series of Poker main event, there is no question that there is considerable interest in the game in the United States. Right now those players are engaging mostly in physical poker rooms and private games, with some of them figuring out a way to go online although U.S. regulations forbid it, at least in a general sense.

A Warning Label on a Casino? Added: July 7, 2014

Officially (or we guess, unofficially, as it were), the European Commission is going to make the very strong recommendation that the countries under its auspices require those online gambling companies that are operating or serving customers within their respective jurisdictions place a "warning" label of sorts on their websites, in plain view, that would caution them to the potential dangers of gambling.

Is Canadian Government Trying to Force Online Casino Foes Out? Added: July 7, 2014

As anyone who has familiarity with the way governments act toward online casinos is aware, there is a lot of nonsense about making operators compliant with certain laws and regulations under the guise of "national security."