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This section lists news stories added here to Best Canada Casinos Online on October 2014.

BestCanadaCasinosOnline - News Archive - October / 2014

Sports Betting Held Up in New Jersey For Time Being Added: October 27, 2014

A little more than a week ago, Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, signed into law a bill that would allow for legalized sports betting at gaming establishments in the state, whkich means the casinos and racetracks. Monmouth Park racetrack was slated to become the first establishment to accept sports bets this past week. However, a federal judge has stepped in and granted a temporary restraining order to the nation's leading collegiate sports sanctioning body, as well as several national sports leagues, who are trying to block the activity from happening.

Sports Betting Now a Reality in NJ - Is Canada Watching? Added: October 20, 2014

Well, it has finally happened. The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has signed into law a measure that will pave the way for legalized sports wagering in the state to actually happen. Previously efforts, offered to the governor for signature, been vetoed, but this one met all the standards necessary. This comes by way of a ruling in 2013 by the United States Court of Appeals in which it was found that the state could indeed repeal its ban on sports betting.

Canada – Northern Bear Casino Shut Down Added: October 13, 2014

The Northern Bear Casino was not something run by the government, but perhaps it is reflective of the ineptitude of offering something to the Canadian ,market that can't really compete with that of the big offshore operators. Apparently it was the first online casino that was opened in the province of Saskatchewan, but it won't be serving anyone anytime soon.

Ladbrokes Out of Canada - Who's Next? Added: October 6, 2014

Ladbrokes has pulled its operations out of Canada, and is doing so in a hurry. It is not necessarily because they are so unhappy with what they are getting out of the country, but is connected to regulations that are being instituted in their own home country, which make it more difficult to operate on an international basis. All customers located within Canada got 30 days to withdraw funds from their Ladbrokes accounts, which means they have less than three weeks left to do so. And it goies without saying that there will be no new Canadian accounst accepted.